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How I discovered origami:

I discovered the art of paper folding through my father when I was 5 years old. One day, he told me that there are artists who can make animals from a square sheet of paper. I wanted to try, and since then, I have never stopped.

How I learned origami:

I started origami by myself by folding simple models from the internet. Every spring, I learned also some more difficult models taught by Charles Esseltine at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Cupertino (California). When I was 8 years old, I came across Satoshi Kamiya's first book in a library. This book introduced me to super complex models and allowed me to improve a lot in terms of folding techniques.

It’s in France that I attended my first origami convention. I discovered there other types of paper than kami and wrapping paper. I also discovered the social and creative sides of origami as I met many other creators and folders. Following this convention, I signed up for a French origami forum where I learned to solve CPs.

The Origami Olympiads (IOIO) made me work on shaping. Both in 2017 and 2018, I placed 20th.

How I learned to design:

I started designing my own models by free folding and using all the different folding sequences that I had learned over the years. Since 2021, I create more methodically by choosing the subject first. Most of the time, I create by folding the head of the animal, and then I create the rest of the body.

How I choose my paper:

There are many types of paper with different thicknesses and textures. For my models, I often use tissue paper because it is very thin and smooth, which allows me to put a lot of details. It is also rigid enough to hold 3D shaping. I also use Unryu, a paper that can suggest fur by its fibers. There is no paper better than another. It all depends on the structure and size of the model or the effect that you want to obtain.

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